Ultimate Lightning McQueen By Sphero Review

Hello and welcome to my Ultimate Lightning McQueen Review!

If you are a first-time reader, I have been involved with electronics and for over 20 years and have had plenty of experience personally and with my kids when it comes to RC cars and other RC products.  I research the internet on products and objectively review them listing both pros and cons of any product that I review.

The Ultimate Lightning McQueen is as you would have guessed it a remote control version of everyone’s favorite race car Lightning McQueen.  As I will talk about further into the review this is a lot more than just a remote control car with a Lightning McQueen body as the companion app and body touch functions bring the Ultimate Lightning McQueen Alive.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen At A Glance

Good: Officially Licensed By Disney, So much more than just a Remote Control Car

Not So Good: Driving Controls Are Cumbersome

Overall Take: Very realistic and tech-laden but driving controls can take a while to get used to

Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Ultimate Lightning McQueen By Sphero


Ultimate Lightning McQueen By Sphero

What’s In The Box

  • Lightning McQueen Car
  • Wall Charge Cable
  • Quick Start Guides

Features Of The Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Animated Eyes – With the windshield of the car Sphero have used an LCD screen which makes Lightning’s eyes move in his iconic style from the Cars movies

Reacts To Your Touch – If you touch the car body in certain places like the hood, trunk and sides Lightning will react to you

6 Motors – The motors allow Lightning to move and react just like he does from the movies

Automatic Head and Tail Lights – Sensors on the car will adjust the brightness of the front and rear lights

Speaker – Allows the car to talk to you

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Using Lightning McQueen

The car is fully loaded with technology and the app that controls the car which is compatible with Android and iPhone systems is what you use to control the car.  This leads to one of the biggest gripes with the car is that it can be a bit cumbersome to control at first.  With typical RC cars, you have a dedicated control joystick in which to control your car.  To control this car you use the app and swipe the direction in which you want Lightning to go. All of this seems straight forward until you realize the controls change depending where you are relative to Lightning.  For eg, if standing behind the car, you would control the car just as you would normally forwards is forward etc but if you are in front of Lightning the controls are reversed which can get quite confusing especially for young kids.

The car is tough and durable and can withstand all the bumps and bruises you would expect from any RC car. The car itself looks like a replica model.  There are no stickers as all the body work is done by using high-quality decals.  Lightning McQueen is well proportioned. One great touch is that of the charging port being behind the fuel cap on the car.

The app comes with a few games and movie editor were you and Lightning interact and are lots of fun.

There You Have It

The ultimate Lightning McQueen is tech-laden, which does well at replicating Lightning McQueen from the Cars movies.  The app driving controls are a little cumbersome and take a little while to get used to. With a 40 minutes run time on a 60-minute charge there’s plenty of fun to be had.

You can check out more info from Amazon if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed this review, have fun