Traxxas Ford Mustang GT Model 83044-4 Review

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As you can guess from the title of this review Traxxas have designed and created an RC model of the iconic Ford Mustang GT.  The detail of this model is incredible, to say the least.

Traxxas Ford Mustang At A Glance…

Good: Rugged body, capable of 30+ mph high quality

Not So Good:  Bit pricey, needs a battery pack and charger sold separately

Overall: Top notch ruggedness and reliability you would expect from Traxxas, requires a separate battery pack and charger but if you own a couple of models you could have spares.

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What’s In The Box…

  • Mustang GT Ready To Run
  • Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • 2.4Ghz Radio System For Interference Free Racing
  • Maintenance Tools
  • Optional High-Speed Pinion Gear

Traxxas Ford Mustang GT

Traxxas Ford Mustang GT on Amazon

Features Of The Traxxas Ford Mustang GT

This Traxxas model is officially licensed by Ford and sits on a Traxxas performance chassis capable of AWD.

Be careful as the car only has a ground clearance of 0.3 inches and it’s being known for leaf and other material to get into the bodywork so make sure that the area that you are going to run the car on is clear of any rubbish debris.

The model is equipped with an electric motor capable of propelling the car to 30+mph.  With its waterproof motor and speed controller, the model is capable of running in all kinds of conditions. The AWD drive functionality and with its rubber tires will help with the grip in greasy conditions.

Traxxas Ford Mustang GT Review

There You Have It…

The Traxxas Ford Mustang GT comes equipped with just about everything you need to get up and racing.  Not coming with a battery pack and charger seems to be a bit of a miss with the product but having the option to choose your own batteries and charger means you can purchase this within your budget or choose a runtime and charge time that suits you.

If you are interested in more information and reviews to check out Amazon.

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