Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler 2.4Ghz Review

Hello and welcome to my review of Theefun TTSS01 RC crawler.

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Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler is 1:12 scale RTR vehicle that is good fun for kids and adults alike to get some serious off-road action.

Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler

Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler At A Glance

Good: 15 Minute run time, kids and adults enjoy running it

Not So Good: Durability has been an issue for some

Overall Take:  Thefun TTS01 has a good run time with USB charging, the car will climb over most surfaces.

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What’s In The Box

  • Thefun Truck
  • Remote Control
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Battery Pack
  • User Manual

Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler

Features Of The Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler

This RC Crawler comes equipped with dual motors and 4 wheel independent suspension which gives the truck the ability to go through various terrains.

The truck is equipped with 4 wheel drive which helps it go through sandy and rocky terrain and with the 4 direction control the truck is capable of pulling off some tricks.

The truck is weatherproof so has no issues with going through various terrain types and can handle water

Driving The Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler

The truck with its dual motors and 4 wheel drive capability means it can handle most terrain with ease, whether it’s sand, mud, wood chips and as you would expect concrete.  The truck is fast and with the 2.4Ghz capability means that multiple cars can run together without issue.

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Final Take

Thefun TTSS01 RC Crawler is a fun, quick  RC crawler that can climb over most terrain without issue.  The truck is an excellent vehicle for young kids but adults will have loads of fun with this vehicle.

If you are interested in this RC Crawler you can find more information and reviews on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this review, have fun.