RC car,DeXop 2.4GHZ Electric Rock Crawler Radio


  • Before and after the four wheel drive for climbing car can provide strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves due to it has strong motor installation
  • Soft and elastic rubber tires made of high quality PVC material, More important, it can be adjusted based on the road and driving fast earthquake-resistant on uneven terrain, tire tread obvious: high friction, grip Extremely strong skid resistance, does not fear the slippery road skid
  • Flexible, easy and difficult, also played the shockproof function for the body to protect the electronic components inside the car body, for it comes with four independent suspension spring
  • You can adjust the car automatically when it don’t walk straight, there is a Direction at the bottom of the spinner
  • Strong body structure with dozens of screws, ensure the body Strong, cooperate to extend the service life of car body of high quality raw materials, More resistance to bump fell, it comes with a rechargeable battery (notice: do not leave the battery charge overnight.Safety charge time is 60 minutes.Please Plug off immediately when you finished charging.)