Epoch Air RC Car Review

Hello readers and welcome to my review of the Epoch Air RC Car!

If you are a first-time reader, you should know that I am quite partial to various electronic vehicles. I do thorough research and report my findings in an objective manner.

The Epoch Air RC Car is a unique product in that one of its features is that it is equipped with a vacuum ability (no it will not clean your floors) but this ability allows it to climb walls and ceilings, The ability can be switched off with a flick of a switch which allows it to travel a lot faster on the floor.

The News Of The Epoch Air RC Car

Good: Ability To Climb Walls
Bad: 8 Minute Run Time
Overall: With the ability to climb walls makes this a unique product, the runtime isn’t overly impressive but comes with rechargeable batteries through USB. So you will not be constantly buying batteries.

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What Do You Get In The Box

Epoch Air RC Wall Climbing Car
Epoch Air RC Wall Climbing Car Contents
Epoch RC Air Wall Climbing Car

The contents are a basic affair but have everything required to operate straight from the box

Features Of The Epoch Air RC Car

  • Dual Mode – Wall and Floor Operation
  • 360 Degree Rotating Stunt Function
  • LED Lights
  • Made From Durable Lightweight ABS
Epoch Air RC Wall Climbing Car
Walll Climbing RC Car

The Epoch Air RC is controlled via an IR controller and can be either recharged through the remote control or USB cable that is supplied in the box. The car has a 360-degree stunt mode that allows it to do doughnuts on the floor. A good feature of the light system is that the lights will shine brighter depending if you are going forward, backward, left and right.

There You Go…

The Epoch Air RC Wall Climber is a good little product with unique point of difference with it’s ability to climb walls and ceilings. The run time is a bit of a let down but with the ability to recharge the car via USB lessens the blow.

There are a number of reviews over on Amazon if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed this review, have fun