E-Flite EFLU3950 RC UMX Plane Review

Hello and welcome to my E-Flite EFLU3950 Review

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The E-Flite EFLU3950 is a fully assembled timber plane that requires an appropriate transmitter and batteries to make it ready to fly.  This particular model is too big to be flown indoors so you will need to choose an open area to fly.

E-Flite EFLU3950


E-Flite EFLU3950 At A Glance

Good: Light, Sturdy, SAFE settings can be deselected for more advanced pilots
Not So Good: Flight can be a little too docile for advanced pilots
Overall Take: Light and sturdy plane capable of doing aerobatic maneuverers and a joy to fly for beginner and intermediate flyers.

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What’s In The Box

  • E-Flite UMX Timer Plane
  • E-Flite 6 Channel Ultra Micro Receiver
  • E-Flite BL180 Brushless Motor
  • 2.3 Gram Linear Long Throw Server
  • User Manual

What’s Needed To Complete

  • Full-range Spektrum transmitter 6+ channel
  • 200-280mAh 25 LiPo flight battery
  • Suitable Charger

Features Of The E-Flite EFL3950 RC Plane

Short Takeoff and Landing Capabilities (STOL) – The UMX Timber wing of the aircraft has a number of features which makes it easier to takeoff and land in small spaces.

AS3X Receiver with Optional SAFE Flight Mode – The receiver works behind the scenes to level out the place from the effects of wind and turbulence to help keep the plane level.  This is a good mode to use if you are a beginner or looking to get familiar with the aircraft.

Comes Fully Assembled – The only thing that is required is to bind the receiver with a 6+ channel DSM2/DSMX transmitter so you can fly the plane straight from the box.

E-Flite EFU3950 LED Lights

Flying The E-Flite EFL3950 RC Plane

The E-Flite EFL3950 with it’s STOL capability makes it a breeze to takeoff and land within small spaces and with its powerful engine in its class certainly helps to get the aircraft up into the air nice and quickly.  Once in the air, the plane flys nice and slow for the beginner pilot and with the option of selecting the SAFE mode the planes stabilization and the ability to right itself for level flight is a welcome bonus.  The motor is nice and powerful which makes the aircraft quite nimble in the air and it is capable of doing aerobatic maneuvers.

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Final Take

Fun, stable, and nimble. Good aircraft for the beginner to the intermediate pilot. You can select/deselect SAFE modes that restrict and recover the airplane from many “unintended” maneuvers.  This plane flies so good and docile but can also do any aerobatic maneuver.

You can check out more information and reviews a from Amazon if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have fun,