Best RC Cars

Best RC Cars Reviews

Here is a list of all of the best RC cars that I have researched and reviewed.  These reviews are available to help you make an informed decision to choose the right RC Car to suit your needs and budget.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen Review

Traxxas Ford Mustang GT Review

Epoch Air RC Car

Good: Ability To Climb Walls
Bad: 8 Minute Run Time
Overall: With the ability to climb walls makes this a unique product, the runtime isn’t overly impressive but comes with rechargeable batteries through USB. So you will not be constantly buying batteries.

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Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Good: Officially Licensed By Disney, So much more than just a Remote Control Car
Not So Good: Driving Controls Are Cumbersome
Overall Take: Very realistic and tech-laden but driving controls can take a while to get used to

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Traxxas Ford Mustang GT Review

Good: Rugged body, capable of 30+ mph high quality
Not So Good:  Bit pricey, needs a battery pack and charger sold separately
Overall: Top notch ruggedness and reliability you would expect from Traxxas, requires a separate battery pack and charger but if you own a couple of models you could have spares.

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