RC Airplanes For Beginners Buyers Guide

Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S

Hello and welcome to my RC Airplanes for beginners buyers guide.

If it’s your first time viewing a guide or review from my website welcome.  I have been around RC vehicles for over twenty years and have a number of years experience with electronics.  Without further ado, let’s start with the guide.

If you are unsure of what an RC plane is it simply a plane that is controllable with a transmitter which the user sends signals to the receiver on the plane which makes it fly.  RC planes and drones are becoming more popular these days as a hobby and there are many planes suitable for beginners to help teach the basics of flight.

If you are a novice flyer it is advisable to start off with trainer planes, these planes are designed to sit all their weight under the wings which makes the aircraft more stable in flight and a lot easier to fly.  You can visit our reviews of some of the best RC airplanes for beginners click here.

Choosing The Best Design For RC Airplanes For Beginners

For beginners, the best design of an RC plane are the ones that have the wings over the fuselage.  Having the weight under the wings makes the plane more stable and beginners certainly need a stable plane.

Horizon Hobby Sport Cub S

RC Airplanes For Beginners Power Plant

The RC plane can be powered either electrically or via a combustion engine, for beginners the electric engine is a better choice as there is little to no maintenance required for an electric motor and the combustion engine adds additional cost and you may not even be able to fly the plane in public spaces due to the noise the engine will make

How Many Channels Do I need

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to how many channels you require.

Single Channel: The problem with these planes is they don’t teach you how to fly.

Two Channel: Similar to the single channel variety as they don’t give you enough control to fly.

Three Channel: Even though at first it may be expensive to the others having the ability to control engine, elevators and rudder will help you become better at flying and the plane will be more enjoyable to fly as you will be able to make a number of different maneuvers.

Four channel is an option but the mechanics are a lot more complicated and harder to understand for the beginner flyer and would be more frustrating.

Kit Level Readiness

There are a few different readiness levels to consider for an RC plane kit.

Kit plane:  These come with pre-cut pieces that you need to assemble yourself.  With these kits, you normally have to supply your own transmitter, receiver and in some cases an engine.

Almost Ready To Fly:  These kits are preassembled and normally just require the installation of the motor, speed controller and receiver components.

Ready To Fly (RTF): RTF kits are one of the best for beginners as they come pre-assembled and have everything required so you can fly straight away without any assembly.

Ready To Bind (RTB): RTB kits are fully assembled but unlike the RTF kits you will need to buy a transmitter and connect it to the receiver.

Spare Parts

Inevitably everyone will crash their plane at some stage.  The best thing to do before buying an RC airplane is to check that either the manufacturer or hobby stores stock spares for your particular aircraft.

RC Airplanes For Beginners


In conclusion, RC airplanes are a rather interesting option to get some flying experiences. These planes might look very easy to fly around. But even the most enthusiastic hobbyists will agree that it gets really difficult to control them when they are in a mid-air flight.

Choosing the correct plane for your level of experience becomes very important. For beginners, the best type to choose from are the trainer class of RC airplanes.  These will give you the best flight experience as you learn to master the craft.  Amazon has a list of RC airplanes for beginners here if you are interested.

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