What Are The Best RC Cars Available Today

Best RC Cars - BuggyRC Buggies Are Loads Of Fun

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RC Cars have been around since the dawn of time and have appealed to kids (and adults) of all ages.  There are many different types of cars available depending on your wants and budget.

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Electric RC Cars

For the best electric RC cars, they start at around 80 dollars and range into the many hundreds of dollars again depending on what you want.  Some of these cars are ready to run (RTR) which means that they come with everything you need to get started.  Some other cars come in a kit form which will require some basic assembly and you may need to buy additional components for eg. Transmitter/Receiver, Battery Packs, and Charger.  These kits are in the mid to high end and offer a lot of customizability.

Gas Powered RC Cars

Gas powered or nitro powered cars cost quite a lot more than there electric car brethren. These range into the hundreds of dollars and again mostly come in kit form.  As you guessed it these have gas-powered engines as opposed to the electric engines and require more maintenance than the electric cars.

Different Types Of RC Car

There are a number of different types or body shapes of RC car to choose from.  So when selecting your car take into consideration where you will be running your car.  Here is a list of different RC car types:

  • Offroad – The offroad category is good for rough terrain and the cars are normally in the truck/buggy configuration.
  • On Road – These models are excellent for smooth surfaces due to the small ground clearance these cars have the surface needs to be clean of any debris and major imperfections as the smallest pebble or dip in the road will seem like a boulder to one of these cars.
Best RC Cars - Buggy

RC Buggies Are Loads Of Fun

Best RC Cars On Road

On Road, Cars Need Smooth Surface


The other thing to consider when purchasing one of the best RC Cars is the power that the car has as there is no point in having a fast car and only a small area to operate it.  It also pays to check out if the manufacturer has replacement parts in case of the inevitable crash that may cause some damage.

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